Sunday, August 15, 2010

Min takes on Jo Kwon in kkap dance battle


2AM’s Jo Kwon and Miss A’s Min gave the audience a great laugh with their epic “kkap battle”.

On the 14th, the two idols appeared on MBC variety show, Quiz that Changes the World, where they showed off their great performance and conversation skills. Jo Kwon explained his relationship with Min, as he said, “I received 8 years of training, and Min received 7 years.” Min also added, “Jo Kwon oppa used to be very skinny. He wore really thick rimmed glasses too, and made a lot of trouble,” describing her first impressions of him.

Upon hearing Min’s words, Jo Kwon complimented, “She’s a very fun friend. She has a lot of talents, and from what I know, she is the most ‘kkap’ out of all the females.” As if to prove Jo Kwon’s claim, Min then proceeded to kkap dance to Sister’s Push Push, Hyuna’s Change, and Wonder Girls‘ Nobody, surprising those around her.

Seeing Min’s great kkap dance, Jo Kwon said, “These days there are so many people who want to surpass me in kkap that I’m worried.” After expressing his nervous feelings, Jo Kwon went to the front, danced a stronger one level up kkap dance, and received a great applause.

source: allkpop


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