Thursday, August 19, 2010

SECRET explains Madonna and Magic similarities

“Madonna, donna, donna… Magic, magic, magic…” Sound similar?

With SECRET ever-expanding in popularity, the two lines above should definitely be familiar to all of us by now. Composed of super-infectious tunes, the two tracks titled Magic and Madonna have been receiving undivided attention from the audience ever since their release.

However, a good listener would not deny this one thing about the two songs – they sound too similar.

If analyzed deeper, Magic and Madonna are definitely two very different songs, in terms of both melody and lyrics. But regardless, the two tracks sound just too identical in style… almost enough to be filed as self-plagiarism for some netizens.

SECRET revealed, “Of course there are similarities between Magic and Madonna.

We think the self-plagiarism accusations came up because the genres for both songs are the same, and both have strong beats. Also, the order of our members and the flow of the song are similar. The similarities were made purposely to give the unique SECRET-style to the songs.”

SECRET girls also expressed that the accusations are the results of their high popularity.

Why don’t you guys decide yourselves and see if the songs are really similar.

source: allkpop

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