Monday, November 22, 2010

AKB48’s “Beginner” plagiarized in Mexico?


AKB48 is one of the most popular idol groups out of Japan, and they’ve performed twice in America and have fans worldwide. I’m sure this theater troupe turned idol group never thought they would have die-hard fans, much less people who want to be like them, but it seems like both are true.

A group of girls from Mexico who call themselves “Las Famosas Inalcanzables“, which means “The Unreachable Famous Ones” in Spanish, were recently seen performing an adaptation of AKB48’s “Beginner“, which they have titled, “Champu Para Tus Ojos (Shampoo For Your Eyes)“.

While many are saying they plagiarized the song, it says in the beginning of the video that it is an adaption, and some are even calling it a parody. Regardless, “Las Famosas Inalcanzables” have appeared on Spanish television performing “Champu Para Tus Ojos”, and news has since traveled all the way to Japan.

Take a look for yourselves below and share your thoughts.

Original AKB48 PV – “Beginner”

source: tokyohive

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