Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Alien baby? Video of unborn child twisting and pushing against its mother's stomach becomes internet sensation



It's alive! A grab from the internet video shows the French mother lying on her back as her baby tosses and turns visibly under her skin

With her baby pushing violently against her stomach, it looks like a scene from the sci-fi horror film Alien.

A video posted on the Internet shows a mother lying on her back as her baby moves his hands and legs around inside the womb in an apparent attempt to get out.

She and her husband are unable to contain their nervous laughter as the child stretches her skin one way then the other, radically changing the shape of her stomach.

An unidentified little girl, fascinated with the movements, puts her hand on the new mother's stomach to feel the baby's twists and turns

At one point they even compare the baby’s movements to the 1979 Sigourney Weaver horror in which a killer alien bursts out of the stomach of astronauts impregnated with its egg.

Dozens of similar videos have been uploaded onto YouTube, but the French couple appear to be an extreme example.

It is not clear at what stage of the pregnancy the mother is at although babies will start moving from three months and can turn through 360 degrees, transverse and spin around.

The video drew shock from the dozens of bloggers who have posted it including user masakosan who wrote: ‘Reminds me of the scenes in the Alien movies right before the things pops out of your chest and you die’

Lizernst, by contrast, posted: ‘My youngest baby is 22, and I still can remember exactly what it felt like when he moved around like that, and I loved every minute of it. It's incredible!’

The little girl watches in awe as the mother's stomach visibly distends. Other mothers commenting on the video said the feeling was 'incredible'

Susan Moray, a midwife of 15 years from Portland, Oregon, said that the mother had nothing to worry about.

She said: ‘I’ve never seen a baby move like this in my time on the job, it’s very exciting.

‘It’s good sign and we tell midwives to look out for episodes of movement as a sign that the baby is healthy.

‘They twist and turn and explore their environment which is why the umbilical chord comes out all twists.

‘The video is an extreme example of baby movement, and it looks like he is one active child.

'I think because this lady is quite thin you can see her baby moving more than if she were fat, but nothing out of the ordinary.

'It would not be so clear on somebody with a bit more fat on them.'

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source : dailymail

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