Thursday, November 11, 2010

“Battle Royale 3D” to be released in the United States


“Battle Royale 3D” will be released on November 20th in Japan, and will also be released in the United States (2011).

The original “Battle Royale” (released in 2000) is a story in which classmates of a junior high school are forced into a murder game in order to survive. It was also planned to be released in America back in 2000, however, because of the “Columbine High School massacre” which is said to have been influenced by the movie, “Natural Born Killers”, they decided not to release it in the States.

Anchor Bay Entertainment will be the distributing agency, and they are planning to release it sometime in 2011. Moreover, the “Battle Royale” 2D version, and “Battle Royale II ~Requiem~” will also be released.

source: tokyohive

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