Saturday, November 20, 2010

HAM makes a “So Sexy” comeback on Music Core


After releasing their 3rd single, ‘So Sexy’, on October 1st, HAM finally performed on the stage of a public tv music show program for the first time since their single release.

Due to their lyrics and choreography violating the new outfit regulations that had been passed on music show programs recently, the group endured a difficult time in promoting their new single. “At first our lyrics were caught. The problem was the part when we sing, “Come into me”. They then saw our music video, and told us it looked even more provocative,” said member Hyoni.

Because of their overly provocative dance moves and lyrics, the girls had to make do with performing on cable TV music shows instead.

However, the girl group asserted that they have no regrets on choosing the song as their title track, and confessed they even fought with their company to allow them to perform the song.

Soojin expressed, “We really liked the song – so much that we even fought with our company to persuade them to let us perform it. Our company said, “Do you think you can do sexy? Let’s just go for the bright and happy concept like the other girl groups,” but we liked the song so much that we went against them and went on our knees and begged them to let us. The song may be a bit sexy from start to finish, but it has a strong and powerful feel to it too. That’s what we liked about it.”

Despite all the problems they’ve had to endure, HAM managed to successfully make their comeback on Music Core with modified lyrics and dance choreography.

source: allkpop

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