Tuesday, November 9, 2010


REAL NAMEKangana Amardeep Ranaut
DATE OF BIRTHMarch 20, 1987 (age 21)
HEIGHT5"8  (1.73 M)



First date? 
(Giggles) Oh! That was at the age of 16. I went on a blind date in school and it turned out to be a real disaster, contrary to what I'd expected. 
Happiest moment of your life? 
(Gushes) When my parents came down to Mumbai, we all had a blast and I felt complete like never before. So much so that I was close to tears. Also, once when I dined with a very close friend of mine. It was truly one of the happiest moments of my life. 
Favourite food? Dal Chawal Sabzi and Hyderabadi Biryani...I just drool over it! 
Your take on black magic, superstitions and ghosts? 
(Laughs) I believe in God and so I also believe in ghosts. I guess they torture you if you don't worship them. 
Your idea of an ideal man? My ideal guy has to be very sensitive. Sensitivity towards others is the most important quality that attracts me to a guy. Also a good personality is a must. 
Beauty or brains? (Laughs) Both are equally important so I'd choose both. 
Last book that you read? The Tropical Spa: Asian Secrets of Health, Beauty and Relaxation by Sophie Benge. 
Most prized possession? I have a photograph of Durga Mata ever since I left my house. I take it wherever I go so it's close to my heart. 
Do u believe in rebirth? No, I don't blindly believe in things.
What's your take on pollution and environment? People should not litter on the roads, and stop using plastic bags. 
What is your idea of social work? I think we should help the under privileged, small kids and physically challenged people in whatever little way we can. 
Most cherished moments of your school or college days? Too many actually. I've always been an extrovert, I've participated in debates and elocutions and been a basket ball player in school. 
Favourite fragrance?
If you could change 1 thing about India, what would it be and why? I want India to be really beautiful. I would wanna change many things right from the roads to pollution etc. 
What is sense of humour to you? I think not everyone has a great sense of humour. Humour is something that comes naturally to a few people. You just cannot fake it and try to be funny. 
Favourite quote/mantra? I strongly believe that if you have that burning desire and passion to learn, you can learn anything and everything under the sun. 
Spirituality to you means? I meditate and believe in the super natural power that governs all of us. 
Last time you took a cab? Some nine months back in Mumbai. 
Last time you went to the sabzi mandi? (Chuckles) Oh! Just one month back. I love to cook and bargain. 
Last time you cooked? I'd love to but I've just been shooting round the clock. 
Last time you cried? I don't remember but I break into tears very easily. 
Last time you fought with someone? Just a few days back though it was a small argument. 
Turn on? Sensitivity and an appealing personality again! 
Turn off? People who brag a lot and try to be someone they are not. 
Your strength? (Can't stop laughing) I guess the number of neurons in my brain 
Your weakness? I just can't resist good food. I immediately give in the temptation. 
Favourite music? Pop, Classical (Ravi Shankar) & Soft.
Do you like the rains? 
Yes, I like the rain. It's my favorite and I love to get wet! I enjoy it's flavor. 
Which is your favorite rain song? 
There is no specific song as such. But yes, I do enjoy classical music or ghazals by Jagjit Singh. 
What kind of outfits do you prefer in the rains? 
I don't go for jeans and trousers. I prefer cotton clothes and shorts during the monsoons. It's quite comfortable. For footwear, I like chappals. It's comfortable. 
What is your most memorable incident from the monsoons? 
That was last year on 26th July. It was a horrible day. I was stuck in my car and finally had to walk from Juhu to my place. When I reached home, there was no electricity. I faced lots of problems. 
How do you chill out during the rains? 
If it's raining heavily, then I like to stay at home and chill out with my best pals. I like having beer or Champagne with them. Having hot coffee with onion bhajiyas is also not a bad idea. 
"I'm shooting in Goa right now, it's raining but the situation is under control. I always look forward to the rainy season and I guess we all should welcome it. One can't blame the monsoons for disorders and stuff. We have to learn to deal with the weather. Also, polythene bags should be banned completely as they pose a serious threat to the environment," coos gorgeous "Gangster" actress Kangana.

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