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Katie Waissel to sing The Bitch Is Back... but will anyone be voting this week?



Keep me in! Katie Waissel, pictured heading to rehearsals in London's Covent Garden today will sing Elton John's The Bitch Is Back on Saturday

TV sources confirm Treyc received THREE times more votes of support than Katie
Katie Waissel has been the most unpopular act on this year's The X Factor, which was compounded when she was saved over Treyc Cohen on last week's show.

But the 24-year-old is hoping to show her critics she doesn't take herself too seriously by singing The Bitch Is Back for Elton John Week on Saturday.

But after the furore surrounding judge Cheryl Cole's refusal to vote between Waissel and Cohen, many fans are threatening to boycott voting this weekend.

The former receptionist ended up in the bottom two on Sunday's results show and managed to remain in the competition after her mentor Mrs Cole controversially abstained from voting.

In a bid to prove she doesn't take herself too seriously, Ms Waissel will sing the 1974 track as part of 'Elton John Week' on Saturday's show.

A friend told the Daily Mirror: 'The track shows she is up for a laugh and can see she isn’t universally liked. It will be a bit tongue in cheek. She knows she can’t be everyone’s cup of tea but wants to get across a jokey element.'

Yesterday, The X Factor finalists were given the day off so they could visit their families.

After another stressful weekend for Katie, she looked happy and refreshed today as she arrived for rehearsals in London's Covent Garden after spending the day with her mother Diana in west London.

Ms Popular: Katie is surrounding by fans and photographers as she arrives for rehearsals

Her older sister Natalie, 27, hit out at internet bullies today for creating the campaign to get Katie voted off X Factor.

She told the Evening Standard: 'As an artist she is going to have people who like her and people who don't like her.

'All this Facebook and Twitter bullying that has been going on - it's all done anonymously. People are a lot meaner when they can hide behind anonymity.'

Cheryl's protege: Cher stepped out in a trendy look with gothic style make-up

However, outraged fans of the show have threatened to abstain from voting themselves, claiming Cole's decision to opt out made a mockery of the public votes - which generate huge revenue for the show.

Thousands of MailOnline readers have complained about her refusal to vote over the past few days, with many demanding Mrs Cole is axed as a judge.

One MailOnline reader Alicia W from London wrote: 'I think everyone should not vote this weekend at all! why waste your money if your vote doesn't mean anything it makes sense! Don't vote for anyone!!'

Hot favourites: One Direction - including Harry Styles (left) and Liam Payne (right) are among the bookies' favourites to win the show

Increasing amounts of viewers are calling for Wagner Fuiza-Carrilho to win the show in a bid to annoy Simon Cowell and his record label, who would have to give the winner a deal.

Richard Battell from Enfield, north London wrote: 'Vote for Wagner until end of show - teach the producers etc a lesson - don't take the public for idiots.'

ITV has already received more than 1,000 complaints and telly watchdog Ofcom has also had more than 2,000 complaints to date.

An X Factor spokesman said: ‘A judge can abstain from placing a vote. Cheryl made it clear that she would not send anyone home and therefore abstained from voting.

‘Dermot went back to her to clarify that it was going to go to a majority vote if she did that. Cheryl was unable to take the vote to deadlock as deadlock requires a valid active vote.’

Meanwhile, X Factor host Dermot O'Leary insisted today there wasn't a conspiracy to keep Katie on the show before Cheryl made her live decision on Sunday.

Stylish: Rebecca Ferguson (left) was her usual chic self, while Aiden Grimshaw looked dressed for winter in his jeans and woolly jumper

He wrote on his Twitter today: 'No "plot" as quoted... We never know which way the judges are going to vote ever. The only thing I know is who's in the bottom two when I'm given the card.

'I don't know which judge to go to until I'm called, and the judges, including Simon, don't know the vote or who we're coming to next. It's that simple.'

On Sunday night, 14.9million viewers tuned in to see Mrs Cole dithering over whether to plump for Cohen or Waissel.

Eventually she refused to choose at all - and Miss Cohen was kicked off the show after the other judges voted against her by two to one.

Mrs Cole's controversial decision to abstain comes amid growing calls among fans for Miss Cole to be axed from her £1.7million job.

Under the rules of the show, the four judges vote to decide which contestant is saved.

Simon Cowell went first and voted to save Miss Waissel, with Mrs Cole told she had to vote next.

Should I stay or should I go? Wagner Fuiza-Carrilho's (left) popularity is growing, and Paije Richardson

She and O’Leary then had an ‘argument’ over what to do as she told him: ‘I’m not sending either of them home, Dermot.’

He replied, ‘you’re refusing to vote?’ and she said, ‘I’m refusing point blank’, adding: ‘I don’t have to send anybody home.’

As the tension mounted she told O’Leary: ‘OK, well ask these two then and I’ll take it to deadlock.’

O’Leary said: ‘We’re going to move it on, we’re going to take a majority verdict.’
He turned to judge Dannii Minogue, and said: ‘If you go with Treyc, she’s going home.’

She voted to send Miss Waissel home, with Louis Walsh voting next for Miss Cohen to go, meaning Cole did not need to vote.

The controversy came as TV sources confirmed Miss Cohen had received three times as many votes as Miss Waissel in the public vote.

So if Mrs Cole had voted for Miss Cohen – making the judges’ scoring 2-2 and so going to ‘Deadlock’ where the contestant with the lowest public vote is ousted – it would have been Miss Waissel who went home.

source: dailymail

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