Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Kausha Rach


Sexy pic of kausha

Kausha Rach is a telugu film actress who is talented and gorgeous with beautiful curves and perfect proportions throughout her structure. I hope you enjoy these sexy pictures of Telugu Actress Kausha that are from various movies like Premaya Namaha to Buddha movie. Premaya Namaha is the first movie Kausha appeared on big screen in Tollywood, telugu movie industry, followed by many masala movies including Kuberulu, Bhagavantudu, Athili Sattibabu and Buddha. Kausha has the perfect size assets and she has shown some really cool stuff wearing some dazzling blouses and popping them out to keep the interests of masala fans while not giving everything away. Kausha has not acted in blue movies yet, but that is another unchartered territory for her to explore - once Kausha nods her acceptance, underground producers will flock to release Tamil Actress blue film right away which is guaranteed success.

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