Sunday, January 2, 2011

Why single women go for married men: We take our cue from others when deciding who's attractive



Mate poaching: Perhaps the phenomenon is why Angelina Jolie could not resist Brad Pitt despite his being seemingly happily married

It is a worrying question which has crossed many a married woman’s mind: Does my best friend have a crush on my husband?

According to scientists, her concern could well be justified.
Studies show that when deciding if someone is attractive, we take our cue from others.

This, as some wives already know to their cost, makes a married man a better catch than a bachelor.

The phenomenon, known as ‘mate poaching’, might perhaps explain why Angelina Jolie could not resist Brad Pitt despite his being seemingly happily married to Jennifer Aniston.

In a round-up of research on the science of attraction, psychologist Anthony Little said female birds and fish find a male more attractive if they have already seen him in the company of another female.

Old flame: According to the survey, women find men who are attached more attractive - as Angelia may have found Brad, when she was with Jenifer Aniston

Allowing others to carry out the mating process speeds up the dating game.
And the phenomenon extends to the human world.

A study found that single women shown photographs of men set their sights on those who were said to be in a relationship.

By contrast, married women were much more interested in men said to be single.

Another study found that men were rated more desirable when they were pictured surrounded by women than when alone or with other men, the journal Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society B reports.

And on a girls’ night out, a single woman should make sure she stands next to a less attractive friend.

Studies show that if the company a girl keeps is on the plain side, it makes her seem all the more appealing.

Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt in 2010

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